Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trifecta of Crap

- Getting on the scales this morning - nothing has changed. Realize I haven't really worked that hard on "dieting" so all the workouts in hell have been for naught. Neat.

- Driving to work in wicked bad traffic amidst the SUV zombies yapping on their cell phones and doing their make-up (sometimes both. I kid you not!). Obsessing about what the scales didn't show, feeling ugly, resentful, mean and spectacularly sorry for myself.

- Sitting at my desk this morning just trying to deal when all four of the mysoginistic, neanderthal men I work with get up en mass and oogle out the window at some poor woman walking to her car. They procede to snort and gafaw about how "thick" she is. That "yeah, her legs are thin enough, but then she gets really big". They laugh as she gets in the car and the car shifts with her. I sat there mute, mortified, blinking back tears of shame, embarassment and anger. Hello! Im right here, your "thick" co-worker - mother fuckers!

As I stuffed my ear buds in and turned up the music to try to tune them out I my anger turned inward.
Me - you should say something, stand up for her, for yourself!
Myself - but Im all alone, they're going to turn on me.
Me - Coward!

I feel like a booger dangling from the nose hairs of life..... GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


we_be_toys said...

Pauvre, pauvre Bea! And none of them is exactly svelte - the pork-rind-lovin-rectal-wipettes.
If its any consolation, my scale and I aren't on real great terms either (whaddya mean I haven't lost weight, after one day, and I only ate four mini candy bars???).

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

heh heh heh.. you said rectal wipettes.

Cynthia said...

Do I need to send the guys to wipe the floor with those monkeys? The weekend cometh darling...

flutter said...

Oh, babe. do I EVER know. I so totally do.

I have this obsessive thing where I throw my fat ass on the scale everyday and watch the numbers volley and judge my worth.

But you know what? You are more than numbers on a scale and your beauty is quantified by what is between your ears.

You are beautiful.

Suz said...

~hugs~ Assholes. I think they must have forgotten to look in the mirror that day.