Friday, November 16, 2007

You always remember your first.

She who tap dances was tagged by the lovely Flutter for the 7 random things about you meme, and she in turn has tagged me. My first meme(does it make me a dork if Im kind of cheesed about it? Probably, but Im OK with that.) First things first - the rules:
* Link to your tagger and post the rules.
* Share seven facts about yourself, some random, some weird.
* Tag seven people at the end of the post and list their names there. - Uh Houston, we have a problem. The only two blogger I know are Flutter and Ms. B. Can you tag someone you read all the time but don't know? That can't be considered good manners. Any suggestions?
* Let those you've tagged know by leaving comments on their blogs.

Ok, here goes nothing.
1) I love road trips. I love picking the destination, loading up the car, pulling out the map and watching the scenery change from place to place. Ms. B is usually the co-pilot, as she is usually who I road trip with. It is the co-pilot's job to man the cooler, pick the music and read the map. Oh, and take Rain Man-esque pictures out the window as we drive.

2) I am a spectacular slob. My cleaning style revolves around letting things go for so long the health department shows up, then spending eight hours on a saturday cleaning and blaring the stereo as loud as it can go. Don't ya know the neighbors just love me.

3) I hate yard work and do-it-yourself home improvement with a passion. So, of course I bought a 65 year old fixer upper on half an acre of land.... cuz Im smart that way.

4)One semester in college I withdrew early, took the tuition money and wandered up and down the east coast going to Dead shows. My parents still don't know. I really hope they don't find this blog! Id be SO grounded.

5)I have never and will never be able to spell. I like to call it creative spelling. All I can say is spell check is a beautiful thing.

6) I am God(dess) mother and guardian to The Professor and The Bohemian I love them like they were my own and occasionally spoil them like they're not.

7) I can never ever find my phone. Ever. My cell is the only phone I use, and Im usually running around the house trying to figure out where I left it,or digging around in the pit of despair I like to call a purse, all before the pretty song ends. And, as a matter of course, if I can find it, I can't talk long because Ive forgotten to charge the damn thing and it dies mid conversation.

Ok.. there they are, seven random facts about moi. Since I know no one to tag, feel free to tag someone you know. You can always blame it on the new girl.


flutter said...

No fair with the cheese! I think you and I were separated at birth with #2....

we_be_toys said...

So how the hell did I become Ms. B?? Surely the mother of "Lord Monkey" rates a grander title (and I don't mean Grand PooBahh Beotch as a suggestion.

You know, I was just thinking of our "college years", when we were cashing in the tuition and being bad - good times...though my kids will NEVER get away with it. Is it inappropriate to set up conferences with your kids' college professors??? Ya think?