Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Bright Side

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and as I read through my past blog entries I can't help but feel like they focus on more of the negative side of things. I'm okay with that, it's what I needed to say at the time. But, given the time of season, I thought it would be a pleasant change to focus on a few good things in life. Things I am profoundly grateful for:

Health - I am a healthy person. I have all my teeth, and I can walk, talk, laugh and love unfettered by injury or disease.

Hearth - I have a home, and all the comforts there in. Heat, water, food, and a couple of furry critters to keep my feet warm during cold winter nights. There are many, too many people out there with no home, no safe haven to retreat to at the end of the day, who will go hungry tonight, and every night for their foreseeable future. This is usually the time of year people focus on being generous to those who go without, but once the season passes, that focus blurs and fades until next season. I am guilty of this myself. I now challenge myself to not take what I have for granted, and to find ways to give of myself through out the coming year. Care to take that challenge with me?

Family - As much as my family can drive me bat shit, I'm thankful that I have them. We may be spread out up and down the East Coast, and across the country, but we are all connected by love and history. We always find time to gather during the year,and during those times we are kind and supportive of each other's endeavors (though my father's support sometimes feels like lecturing, Ol' Bill means well). We've also welcomed a new member of the clan this year. Welcome to the family, Breck!

Friends - I'm not even sure I have the words sufficient enough to express myself fully - I have been lucky enough to find a second family in the friends I have. I can honestly say I would be lost without them. They are the people I turn to for strength when I have none. They are the people I can be my true self with, and never feel judged or censured. They are the people I can be silly with and laugh with until I literally pee my pants( You haven't heard a joke until it's told by Ms. Q - she even cracks herself up.) I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Ok.. so there it is. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in the blogosphere (Hi Flutter!)If you like, Id love to hear what ya'll are thankful for this season.


we_be_toys said...

oh Bea! Sniff, sniff! You KNOW I'm SO grateful for you - the other half of my split personality (are ya'll sisters?), I'm also grateful for:
The critters,
The kids,
That guy out there blowing the driveway,
hearth and home,
life in general (if it was good all the time, we wouldn't appreciate it as much)

Don't go changin, just to please me!

flutter said...

LOL you just gave me a shout out! You crack me up.

I am glad that you are started to shed your shell. I am so happy to be getting to know you

suz said...

All I have to say is PPPPasta

Anonymous said...