Monday, November 19, 2007

Garden State

I watched Garden State last night for the umpteen millionth time, and if you haven't already seen it, go watch it. Seriously. Tonight, go watch it. It has to be one of the best movies ever made. It stars, and was written and directed by Zach Braff. Natalie Portman stars in it as well, and she her usual brilliant self. Even if you never see the movie(which would be a bad bad idea), the soundtrack is amazing. The Shins, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Coldplay, come on- it just doesn't get any better than that.

Andrew Largeman returns to his home town in New Jersey to attend his mother's funeral, he hasn't been back in nine years, and he hasn't been without heavy medication since he was a child. He chooses this week to stop taking all his medication as he is beginning to suspect he's missing something.

Anyway, without giving away anymore of the plot,the movie is all about waking up. Waking up and experiencing your entire life, and all it entails; all its beauty, and all its pain without apology.

It's an idea I find myself knocking around a lot lately - to shrug off whatever insular cloak one wraps around oneself, and really live, feel, and experience life with clarity(and hopefully with more than just a little kindness and insight). By doing so you open yourself up to the possibility of love, in all its beautifully flawed and dysfunctional guises.

I like that idea.

Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!.


we_be_toys said...

"press junket" you like that?
I think its been long enough that I can watch Garden State again. For awhile there, we were watching it once a month, and darned if it didn't end the same way each time.
"who here didn't just see some titties?"
Sorry, I just can't help myself, quoting the movie!

flutter said...

You are really breaking out of a mold, aren't you love?