Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Starting Small

I have been called out on the mat by She who Tap Dances to post some of my poetry out here in blog land. Well, I went digging through old journals with the best intentions of pulling out my 20 year old angst ridden- unrequited love filled poetry to subject you to. I read it all and Oh the Horrors it was AWFUL! Bad beyond bad. Bad like Debbie Gibson and Stevie Nicks got together and had a love child,and that child wrote poetry bad! I'm telling you people, it was stinkaroo.

So I wrote a couple of new ones. Little ones. Haiku(s)specifically. I figured I would start small, and maybe revisit those stinky poems later. While these bits of poetic sushi are far from being good , at least they don't sound like a bad country western song.

Here they are

friend revisited
charming and recalcitrant
can never return

Burger of my dreams
clings to my thighs looming large
awaken to fruit


flutter said...

the first is breathless and vibrants and the second, well just made me laugh :)

KreativeMix said...

pretty cute :-)

we_be_toys said...

Poetic sushi...I love it! Haikus always make me think of Robin Williams:

"Red sand between my toes
summer vacation
in outer space-
That was a Martian Haiku!"

See? I can't write haikus- I get claustrophobic in such small confines.

PastaQueen said...

At least you have material for Salon of Shame (