Monday, December 3, 2007

The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

Saturday morning, at the butt crack of dawn, my two best friends and I took a mini road trip to mecca. Well, our personal mecca, anyway. Moore County. Home to some of the most talented, time honored potters on the planet. I've been collecting pottery from that area, for about 10 years, I caught the bug from my father, who can take collecting things (anythings) to a compulsive level that is truly impressive, if not a little frightening.

Anyhow, She Who Tap dances, ever the historian, gives a really good overview of the history of the area in her post today, so you should go check it out(along with some illustrative tid bits for flava). Me, I'm just there for the pretty pots. Though, to be honest, in order to make informed choices, you have to know your stuff, and should have done at least a little research. Regardless, it's a wonderful way to spend a day, and I even managed to get a little Santa business out of the way.

Our first stop of the day was here. Jugtown. It was kiln opening day, so even though we got there a mere 13 minutes after the place opened (Ms Q needed a biscuit some kine'a awful),it was packed, and people were staking their claims with a ferocity that would shock you. There was literally a man standing in the corner of the shop with about half a dozen items behind him, and he would NOT let anyone near that corner shelf. This is serious stuff people!

The beauty of Jugtown is that you are free to wander around and take in your surroundings, to really get up close and personal to the workings of the place. Below are a few shots I took while wandering around.(Don't ya'll just want to hop in a car and go!?).

Wood Fired Kiln

Unfinished Bisque

Another Jugtown view

And then it was time to move on. Cold, and ready to depart, my two compadres suffer one more picture.

Carpe Pottery!

We spent the rest of the day puttering around Seagrove, and the surrounding area. We got lost a couple of times (as all good road trippers should), but still managed to find our way to one or two other places.

And these? Well these I just thought were funny.

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we_be_toys said...

Nice.....!! Man I am so jealous of your camera's ability to zoom...your pictures are beautiful, and they actually compliment what I put up, as well as standing on their own. The inventive language, as always, is what I have come to know as "Chandese" - "kinea"??? WTF??? Hey, don't go changin'...!