Monday, January 28, 2008

Roots and Leaves

Anguilla is not like any of the other Caribbean islands you picture when thinking of the Caribbean. Unlike Aruba or St Maarten, Anguilla is, for the most part, still undeveloped and very untourist like. This, unfortunately is changing, but for now you can still wander down a random dirt road and come across a secret little hide away spot you never knew was there.

This is exactly what happened the second afternoon we were there, and what we found was this little bar called KoKo's. It was at the end of a long and twisty dirt road speckled with the most bizzar alien cacti I had ever seen. They looked otherworldly

The bar seemed unassuming enough, very picturesque, with happy little coconut fishies bobbing lazily in the breeze. But looks can be deceiving.

Upon closer inspection my friend Katie discovered these large glass bottles of "infused rum". The girl at the bar placed her hand over each one as she described them. Lemon and Ginger, Orange and Cinnamon, Roots and Leaves 'mon.
Huh? Did she just say roots and leaves? Roots and leaves. What kind of roots and leaves?
She just smiled and started pouring shots.

If this doesn't look like trouble, I don't know what does.

So we all bellied up to the bar, totally willing to throw down whatever potent potable was placed in front of us. We were on vacation after all, and who needs brain cells on vacation?

They were all surprisingly tasty! The roots and leaves in particular - kind of like licorice, but not quite, and the rum left a warm spicy heat as it traveled down your throat. Needless to say there were many rounds of roots and leaves with a few umbrella drinks thrown in for good measure, and we all managed to get our island on. Here's my partner in crime, Jay, up to no good. Later in the week he would inadvertently try to give me away to a local for a shot of vodka, but that's a story for another post.

Once I peeled myself off the bar I stumbled around taking pictures. They came out fairly well considering.

I wanted to lay down here, but thought better of it once I realized Id have to get up again.

This is a shot of Scilly Quay (pronounced silly key), in the middle of Island Harbor (thus the name). Supposedly if you wave from the dock they will come in a boat to bring you over to snorkel and swim. We waved but no one showed - I can't imagine why.

I have no idea what this is, other than rock and water, but I thought it was really pretty at the time.

The next day we were all basking(recuperating)in the sun, describing our find to another longtime resident of the island who said he was very familiar with KoKo's. In fact he claimed to know the secret to the roots and leaves infusion, and wondered out loud if any of us had come down with a case of the munchies after we left the bar. Hmmmm.


flutter said...

what fun!

Jodi said...

flutter's right. you better have some fun for us too!

suz said...

Oh man that looks amazing!!
Did you happen to sneak any of that roots and leaves home for me?

we_be_toys said...

Ah irie life, mon!
So did you never try the other infusions?
Did the "roots and leaves" take away all other thoughts?
Were munchies obtained?
Do I ask too many leading questions?