Monday, January 7, 2008

Been Gone too Long

Ahhh, the blank space of a new blog entry, how you do vex me. It's been so very long since Ive posted anything, and it seems absence does not make the heart grow fonder, it causes the brain to grow empty. So, what to do with blank page and empty brain you ask? Torture you with (aack!)photos I took with my new "Merry Christmas to me" camera!!!

I went home to my parent's house for Christmas, and it was lovely. I sucked up as much of the view as I could get.

There was the usual familial tension and stress, but it was delightfully muted by grape juice - of the fermented variety (is that wrong?). My Grandfather and Aunt came down from Mass. as well as my two cousins. There was much merry making;

And eating of roast beast

And waking of the neighbors

Our resident pyro/chef - My Dad

I also got to spend some time with my nephew(only after I knocked my mother out of the way - first grandchild and all that).

All in all, not a bad holiday. New Years Eve was a quiet affair, I hung out over at the Tap dancer's eating sushi and swilling champagne,and we rounded out the week celebrating her birthday this weekend with all the trappings, including a pilgrimage to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Neo-China. Mr. Tap dancer even picked up the tab - what a nice guy!

So, here I sit, another holiday season past, and Ive come out relatively unscathed, sanity mostly in tact. Normally I would be going into January hibernation mode, but I have to get ready to go to the Caribbean with my parents next week, and that, while wonderful in itself, is causing all sorts of anxiety, much of which I will be spewing on the pages of this blog as the week progresses. Neat!


flutter said...

glad to see you, friend!

Cynthia said...

See that wasn't so bad, was it?! Glad to see you back...course I should talk, sporadic poster that I am, but I'm going to work on that this year!...and one of these days you have to fix that link to my page!!!

we_be_toys said...

Beautiful picture of the bay at your parents' house! I wish you had posted the picture of "Ole Scratch" with his true expression - I love it when he's grumpy! The "peanit" is such a cutie-patootie - in Shu-shu's words, "His feet won't touch the ground until he's 16!"
And you know how THAT works out!
So go fix that damn link for Cindy Lou!!

Suz said...

Oh how I missed you.