Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Check In: Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost

I suppose that's a good thing considering the previous week's gain of 2.5 lbs. I really can't complain(especially after this weekend's potato chip masacree - and oh was it good!), but Im going to anyway.

Motivation on all fronts is non-existent. Maybe it's the time of the year. Maybe Im supposed to be hibernating dammit, not trying to get my butt to the gym! Maybe it's because aunt flo came today so last week I was pms'ing and needed the French onion dip to go along with those chips. Maybe it's because this Thursday is the day I love to hate, and Im feeling sorry for myself as only a singleton can. Or maybe(it's the word of the day)my attitude is for shite and I need to snap out of it. However you look at it, I'll take my nothing gained and count myself lucky.

It wasn't all bad this last week though. I did get more sleep (thank gawd! Can you imagine the tone of this post if I was sleep deprived as well??? I shudder to think). I also managed to up my water intake each day to the recommended 6-8 glasses. So there. Not a total wash.

I don't feel all that great going into this week either (what with VD and all that), but rather than pout and quite possibly binge in a haze of self loathing, Im going to try to be a little kinder to myself, take the pressure off a little, and just try to maintain some state of zen. For just this week Im not going to focus on how many days I do or don't get to the gym, or if that piece of chocolate I just ate makes me evil incarnate; for this week Im going to pamper myself with yummy smelling soaps, romantic comedies staring John Cusack, hanging out with my peeps, and maybe even a good bottle of wine.


HappyBlogChick said...

There's nothing wrong with maintaining. It's like rest on a long journey. If you think this coming week will be stressful, maybe it's what the doctor ordered for next week, too.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is be kind to ourselves and cut ourselves a break.

Good for you for getting more sleep and drinking more water.

we_be_toys said...

I want to know how the hell you DIDN'T gain weight, after all those potato chips and red drinks? Gack! I puffed up an extra 5 pounds from that day alone!

If its any comfort, Satan's underwear have failed her yet again, and there is a gut gone out of bounds over here - get help - STAT!

F*$%ing Girl Scout Cookies...!

Cherry Dolphin said...

I totally agree with HBC, and good job on the extra water! Have a great week :)

flutter said...

maintaining is better than backsliding. You are doing just fine, baby.

Sybil said...

Your refreshingly honest entries crack me up!

Enjoy your pamper week. Sounds yummy.

Anonymous said...

Maintaining is not the end of the world. You've got a new week ahead of you, so make it happen.

F@5& Valentine's Day! Most married folk don't celebrate it anyway. It's just another media foefie to make people feel inadequate and bad about themselves - anybody who does not live in a John Cusack movie!

Well done on the water! Have a kick-ass week!

Lynn said...

Hah! I could send you one of my snarky Black Thursday CDs... they're full of spiteful, angry, love is evil songs. I've made several of them over the years, even though I have a spouse that I love, the whole idea of VD (does anyone else notice that what we used to call STDs starts with the same letters? bwah ha ha) revolts me. Who is the card company to tell me WHEN I'm supposed to love and appreciate someone? Not to mention the hypocrisies I've seen. My dad bringing my mom roses and candies every year for their miserable, hateful 25 year marriage... Stupid holiday!

(As a note, you can make a really good french onion dip with the fat free sour cream and some mix in...)

Pattie said...

I like it - all that self-pampering for the coming week sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

Hang in there, Bea! Maintaining is great. You'll kick it in gear again when you're ready.

Maggie said...

I bet the water is totally helping!

And I think your Valentine's plan sounds absolutely divine. Take care of yourself.

Cammy said...

This flu is really playing with my eyes and mind. I read your post and thought, You know, no matter how bad a week I had, I don't think I'd share with everyone the news that I had VD.

Now I get it. :) :) :)

Good job with the water! And mindfulness and a zen attitude will likely get you back on full track before you know it!

FairiesNest said...

Cusack is very yummy...enjoy!

Grumpy Chair said...

I always admire anyone who can maintain weight. Something I can only do at 182 pounds.

Staying the same weight as last week is still a victory.