Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just a few more.

Have you ever gone on vacation or visited someone, come home, unpacked, done the requisite 18 loads of laundry, but still feel like you never left? Your head is still back there, stuck in that visited place days or weeks after the rest of you called it quits. I've been back from visiting the homestead for well over two weeks, but here I sit, still perusing the pictures I took, yapping incessantly about this mundane detail or that. I don't know what's come over me. I'm not worried mind you, it will pass soon enough. But you? You, my lovelies are now going to have to slog through one last post involving the trip home. The worst kind of torture, the blog equivalent of a vacation slide show. Muwahahahahaha (queue menacing music).

Actually, it's not all that bad. No really, I promise, just a few pictures I took walking around the yard. Like this one. This little fellow is a baby osprey (he's not really that little, nor do I know if he is actually a fellow, but just run with it), his parentals were busy all week trying to teach him to fish for himself.

He was not happy about the prospects of self sufficiency, you could hear him crying from his perch most of the day. Much like I was when my parents cut the financial apron strings. "What do you mean you're not going to pay for my fifth year of college? So what if I'm still a sophomore."

Moving on. Here's one I surreptitiously shot of my brother and his "mini-me". The Niblit may have blond hair ,and eyes like his mother; but this whirling dervish,from his endless energy and mischievous curiosity, down to his infectious cookie monster laugh, is my brother all over again.

Hang in there guys, you're half way through.

Here's a shot of the dock my dad had built, and the boat lift he insisted on installing for the boat he swore he was getting ten years ago. Where's the boat you ask? Good question. I think the money the Old Man of the Sea would have to shell out for a boat has left him on dry ground. Of course, now that the Niblit has visited and talked about his other grandpa's boat, my father has finally started shopping around for his own. Ahh the joys of grandparental one-upmanship.

More importantly, however, is what comes from out at the end of the dock (boat-shmoat). One of the all time best perks to coming home in the warmer months are these; what I like to call Tidewater comfort food.

Blue Crabs; the quintessential "session food". My brother pulled the pots that evening, cleaned all the gross stuff out of the crabs before he boiled them in water, a little beer, a little Malt Vinegar, and a lot of Old Bay. From river to table in less than an hour. It does not get any better that this. We sat for hours picking crab, drinking beer, and talking. It's better than General Foods International Coffee for celebrating the moments of your life!

There! You made it! The blurb at the end of the post. The final phrase that tells you there are no more boring vacation pictures to wade through. We are now moving on. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it.

Yay! That's the end!


Maggie, Dammit said...

I've never sat around picking freshly boiled crab drinking beer. It's an experience completely out of my realm. I would love it, though. I know I would.

we_be_toys said...

Mmmm, fresh crab - with the schmutz already removed! I always said that boy was a good 'un.

I gotta give to you - your pictures of Home Sweet Home top most of the ones I've ever seen. It's that backyard, I think.

When are we going again?

Manager Mom said...

MMMM...that crab looked crabtastic.

flutter said...

I am so jealous of those crabs, I could just cry

Vodka Mom said...

I loved this post. Not only do I ADORE Maryland Steamed crabs (i'd kill for some right now...) I just love the whole being near the water shit. This was a great post. not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to a crab boil in forever! I miss them. (Louisiana version of them...)

Don't you love just sitting around eating, drinking, talking? Such good times. No wonder your mind is still back there.

Bennie said...

I love me some crab boil. Also Old Bay is the perfect seasoning - anything else is sacrilege.

Here via Becky and I have to say I like your digs. I'll be back!

FairiesNest said...

Man thar looks like an excellent trip home! What I would give for something like, drama?

Gypsy said...

There ain't nothing better than a crab boil. Unless it's a crawfish boil. Mmm-mmm!

Gwen said...

That crab looks yum! My husband is from southwest Florida, so this all looks similar, although not the same.