Monday, March 3, 2008

What I did instead of cleaning out my closet

Oh yes, this weekend was going to be a study in productive domesticity. I was going to clean out all three of my closets (yep, you heard, I have three whole closets!), make some fabulous vegetarian gourmet delight to dine upon, and basque in my overblown feelings of superiority. And then Satan called, also know as "She Who Tap Dances" tempting me away from my chores with the siren song of fresh coffee and scones. Dammit.

Well, one thing lead to another, as these things often do, and Coffee gave way to rum drinks. Now I will confess that I might have had something to do wit the rum drinks.... maybe. So I ran back up to my house ( I live a few doors down, and we like to consider the street just a long hallway connecting different wings of the mansion. Delusional much?) and grabbed provisions for a day of blatant laziness.

It goes without saying that where there is lounging around and drinking, there will be random picture taking as well.

This is an up close and personal shot of the giant assed Camilla bush/tree in my front yard. It's way too big, and is currently eyeing my mailbox as a possible meal, but it has gorgeous flowers on it. Besides, it's one of the few things that bloom this early.

Daffodils also bloom this time of year, but I feel so bad for them most of the time. We get a few really warm days and they pop their little heads up thinking it's spring. Then BAM! It dips below freezing and they freeze their happy yellow butts off. It just ain't fair.

Ms. B has a great little creek running through her yard, and the sun was hitting it just right on Saturday, so I got jiggy with my zoom and took a few shots. Cool huh? I like to pretend I'm an "artiste".

Whew! After all of that hard work we needed sustenance. So, we retired to the back yard to relax.

Rum Drinks - magically delicious and good for you too! (it's got vitamin C in it. So there!)

Fear not! We had healthy snacks as well. Don't they look Delicious?

Word on the street is that a camera in your face is the new spring accessory. It's all the rage! Here's Ms. B modeling her new Fuji camera her lovely hubby got her for Christmas.

OK, so my closets are still a mess, but who really cares? In the grand scheme of things the total recharge I got from Saturday's escape from reality is far better than clean closets. I highly recommend it.


we_be_toys said...

"Worst pain there is!" Freezing their happy little yellow butts off, I mean. sadly, it too true, but I've never heard it phrased quite that way - Ancient Chandese Proverb, maybe?

It WAS grand, wasn't it?

Felicia said...

I think it sounds like a lovely time. And who wants to be in cleaning when its so nice out right? The photos are beautiful and the healthy snacks look YUMMY!

Have a super rest of the week!

HappyBlogChick said...

What a wonderful day! Cleaning shmeaning. Life is too short to waste a spring day on cleaning when there are friends and fun around.

flutter said...

Oh looky there, that camerahead trend, rearing it's camerahead!

transplanting me said...

your post made me cry. i just moved 1/2 way around the world from my neighbor/sister-friend we were across the street from each other and could waste many days this way. well, i don't think waste is the correct word, it's enjoy.

Lynn said...

Socializing is good for you!

Closet cleaning... isn't!

FairiesNest said...

"Doing stuff is overated." -The Tao of Steve (good movie, check it out.)
Looks good to moi!

suz said...

Clean or Drink?
Cleeeeean or Driiiink...

Drink please.

kacey said...

Out blog hopping and came across your blog. LOL on the daffodils freezing their butts off. Isn't that the truth?

And, I'm SURE that a camera is the new spring accessory, just like you said.

Maggie, dammit said...

ohmygURD I love the description of your street as the hallway, etc.

You guys are so cute.